Barco teamed up with broadcast and event producer SenovvA, to create the visual centerpiece for the 2012 Ultra Music Festival, the world’s premiere electronic music festival in Miami, Florida. The partners delivered a stunning 3D projection mapping display, entitled “Red Bull Mind Meld,” which covered 29 floors of the Intercontinental Miami Hotel exterior with bold, animated imagery for three nights during the festival.

The magnitude of the event demanded a unique, larger-than-life visual spectacle, which was expertly designed and executed by SenovvA with Barco projection on board. Because of the multi-dimensional nature of the 15,000 square foot surface, a combination of four FLM-HD20 and eight FLM R22+ large event projectors were used to create the projection mapping installation.

“The Ultra project presented unique production challenges considering the extreme angles of the hotel’s façade,” commented Tristan Valencia, Managing Director of SenovvA’s recently established New York office. “Barco projectors are always the right tool for the job – they’re the only ones that can be positioned on their sides and work flawlessly when projecting at 50 percent or greater angles, which is a must for many of these high-profile, outdoor shows.”

The Ultra Music Festival has been a fast-growing phenomenon among electronic music fans since the first concert launched in 1999. Expanding from a one- to three-day sold-out event, this year’s festival was also streamed online to bring the total number of viewers to several million (with 200,000 attending live over the duration of the event).