For one weekend each summer, the tranquil setting of Tonsbergt, Norway’s oldest town, is transformed into a vibrant music festival. The Slottsfjell festival – named after the castle (slott) and mountains (fjellet) that surround the festival grounds - is renowned throughout Europe for its unique taste and seemingly eccentric line-ups. AV solutions from Barco partner Trippel-M have been bringing the music to live since 2005.

For the 2012 edition, Trippel-M delivered Barco solutions for the club area, where the festival sets up pounding after parties. Two compact yet bright Barco HDX-W18 projectors were stacked at the main entrance façade to project the fun ‘freak welcome’ décor. In addition, one RLM-W8 projector ensured enhanced contrast and great images to support an amazing light and video show inside the converted warehouse space and another RLM-W8 projector was used in the backyard.

Ole-Andreas Lovland: "Here at Trippel-M Levende Bilder AS, we have been using nothing but Barco projection systems, since 2008. Whether we are doing a small indoors gig with our RLM-W8 projectors, or lighting up entire buildings at night with our HDX-W18 gear, we can always trust that our Barco projectors deliver crisp and clear images, and work throughout the night."