Barco became the exclusive supplier of digital cinema projectors for Landmark Theatres, the nation's largest theater chain dedicated to exhibiting and marketing independent film. Barco will convert 202 screens located in 41 sites across the United States, providing complete installation, maintenance and support services.

Barco will provide Landmark with a wide variety of projectors, installing both 2K and 4K models in various sizes to meet the diverse auditorium footprints located throughout the circuit. From the DP2K-12C, a compact version for screens up to 39 feet, to its DP4K-23B, an ultra-bright Enhanced 4K DLP Cinema® projector for screens up to 75 feet, Barco offers the widest range of DCI-compliant digital cinema projectors on the market to ensure the perfect match for every screen.

With a well-founded appreciation for image integrity and cutting-edge technology, Landmark wanted the best quality and highest reliability when it decided to convert the remainder of its circuit to digital.

“Barco simply offers the brightest images and best performance of any digital cinema projector on the market,” commented Bryan Linington, VP Technology for Landmark Theatres. “The fact that we can essentially rebuild the projector in the booth is a true testament to its modularity, which translates into hard dollar savings when you consider the easy upgrade to 4K as well as economical parts and outstanding service.”