La Coupole chooses Barco projectors for 3D planetarium

Located near the town of Saint-Omer in the North of France, La Coupole is an enormous underground bunker that was designed during the second world war. The structure was meant for storing, preparing and launching V2 missiles. This historic site was later on transformed into a museum commemorating the second world war.

The history and remembrance center now houses what is France’s first 3D active stereo planetarium. Inside a huge dark dome with a diameter of 15 meters, the audience is treated to high resolution images of space and the stars. Those are projected onto the dome’s periphery and zenith in 2D or 3D by six of Barco’s projectors, offering visitors a visually immersive experience. Long time Barco partner R.S.A. Cosmos carried out the installation of five Galaxy NW7s and one Galaxy NW12. These Barco products were selected for their characteristic reliability and stability, and more importantly because they make it possible to use two passive stereo image sources, achieving the desired high image quality in 3D.

Copyright pictures: La Coupole and Jérôme Pouille.