Ensuring a visually stunning performance in an eccentric décor

‘Master and Margarita’, the famous novel by Russian Mikhail Bulgakov, has been adapted numerous times for movies, TV series, the theater, opera, etc. over the years. In 2011, the award-winning theater company Complicite premièred a new adaptation, which has been touring through Europe for over a year now. Directed by Simon McBurney, the performance makes superb use of video and music, resulting in raving criticism.

Even more spectacular than the tour itself, however, was the stage during the Festival d’Avignon in France, in July 2012. To fit the eccentric décor of the Cour d’honneur, located inside the high walls of heart of Avignon’s medieval Palais des Papes, the entire AV set-up had to be redesigned.

AV partners Luke Halls (3D mapping), Production Resource Group (PRG) (projection), lighting designer Finn Ross and many other technical experts worked closely together to adapt the setting for the 110m wide, 40m high ancient building. Projection mapping was done on three of the interior walls, as well as on the 21m-floor, thus creating spectacular shadows and an illusion of depth on a flat service.

Most of the technical equipment was composed of Barco gear: two Barco FLM-HD20 and seven FLM–R20+ projectors ensured crisp projections, while four Catalyst media servers played back all the footage, processed the cameras and mapped on the floor. "The result is visually stunning,” wrote The Stage ‒ the world's longest-running publication for the performing arts industry.

Copyright picture: Finn Ross