“The quality of the video wall is incomparable. It looks spectacular.”

Poland’s TVN24, the 24-hour news channel of commercial broadcaster TVN, attaches great importance to innovation and technology. Hence its news website, which kicked off in 2008 already. Or its HD news channel launched on 30 November 2012 as a first in Poland and Central Europe. So when TVN24 made plans for a new ‘Facts’ news studio, it had to be state-of-the-art too, as a landmark for TVN’s place in the broadcasting landscape.

Barco’s proposal to install an OverView wall composed of 16 x 4 of OL-510 cubes, best fit the picture. “We thoroughly analyzed the different offerings, with a main focus on the quality of the screens (bezels, uninterrupted surface, viewing angle), the brightness, color saturation, and the uniformity. In addition, reliability and maintenance were key points of attention too. Barco scored best on all criteria. Apart from that, the nearby presence of Barco’s expert service team played a role, as did the confidence we have in Barco’s sales team,” testifies Jaroslaw Kielmel, Technical Director at TNV24.

The wall was up and running within an impressive three weeks. “The team did a great job, both during and after the installation. The engineers at the Polish office are very responsive and we get frequent visits from Barco’s sales people,” Kielmel continued. Now, a few months after the go-live, everyone is satisfied: “The quality of the video wall is great and it looks spectacular on TV.” 

Take a look at the new Facts news studio.