Barco LiveDots and Niles Creative Group teamed up to work their quintessential magic for the new Bush Library, creating a uniquely interactive 360-degree video experience utilizing Barco’s latest high-resolution C5 LED display.
The innovative video exhibition entitled “We the People” was created by renowned media artist David Niles of Niles Creative Group. The experience begins as visitors enter the library's architectural centerpiece, Freedom Hall. What appears to be a seamless 360-degree giant painted mural suddenly comes to life, revealing ultra-high resolution time lapse views of Texas. Then an animated tableau of American life featuring one hundred characters appears. A fantastic Washington DC flyover and a surprising finale end the presentation. The visuals and original orchestral soundtrack surround the audience. The experience celebrates the diversity of the land, its people and the connected nature of all Americans.

Running every 15 minutes as a prequel to the museum and library tours, the seven-minute show presents a theatrical tribute to Americana, its people and hallowed institutions of democracy. Niles conceived this experience and brought the challenge to Barco LiveDots, which utilized its vast technological expertise to develop a customized version of the C5 display to achieve his vision.