Lebanon’s most watched TV channel chooses Barco

The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) is the most watched TV channel in Lebanon. Its mission: to entertain, educate and engage Lebanese families in order to inspire positive change in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Ever since its set-up, LBCI has been a pioneer, on account of its innovative approach towards its viewers and its professionalism, creativity and unremitting quest for innovation. So when LBCI made plans to revamp its news studio, the TV station called in the help of the frontrunners in broadcasting and visualization: Alongi Media Solutions and Barco respectively, through its Lebanese partner ORBINET group.

Both Alongi and Barco had proven to be trusted partners in the past. Phil Alongi, CEO of Alongi Media Solutions, helped LBCI in their historic 2009 presidential election by providing insight on how to produce informative and interesting election coverage. Barco solutions like the MiSTRIP creative LED pixel strips had caught the eye during numerous LBCI TV shows.

“We have been working closely with Barco for many years. We recommended a Barco video wall to LBCI as we know that Barco would provide them with a proven, reliable and robust end-to-end solution that would perfectly meet their requirements,” said Elie Eid at ORBINET Group. “LBCI chose Barco from amongst a number of competitors, on account of the solution’s reliability, brightness and return on investment, as well as for the excellent support.”

A massive curved Barco LED wall was set up at the LBCI news studio. It features 36 OverView OVL-508 modules, which are controlled by four Encore processors. While the Management loves the bright, high-resolution images, the exceptional redundancy and ease-of-maintenance, the operators praise the intuitiveness and rich features of Encore, making it easy for them to put the videos – and many other sources - on the giant wall. And the Lebanese audience is enthusiastic about the modern look of their favorite TV station.