Arirang TV (South Korea) revamps news studio with Barco backdrop

International broadcasting station Arirang brings news and insight on South Korea to a global audience. In April last, Arirang TV chose to give its news studio a complete makeover. Barco’s OverView OVL-708 was chosen as the best option to provide viewers with up-to-date stock exchange news on an impressive LED-lit video backdrop.

Arirang is a public service agency that broadcasts news about South Korea around  the world. To successfully complete this task, they rely on cutting-edge media. Arirang TV, the agency’s English-spoken TV-station, features a 24/7 blend of cultural programs, documentaries and business insights, across the world via satellite.

Increased LED lifetime

In April last year, Arirang TV chose to revamp its news studio. In search of a new LED video wall, the company chose Barco’s OverView OVL-708. A 4x2 set-up of the fully redundant 70” LED modules now forms the backdrop for the Arirang TV studio. The brightest LED-lit rear-projection video wall on the market provides viewers with continuous stock market updates. And thanks to Barco's unique liquid cooling system, the South Korean broadcasting agency can rest assured on the system’s performance for a long time to come.