New LED backdrop for Daejeon MBC (South Korea)

Daejeon MBC, a regional branch of South Korean broadcasting corporation MBC, renovated its main news studio in May 2013. The company relies on a 4x2 installation of Barco’s OverView OVL-708 LED series to provide them with a reliable and crystal-clear video backdrop.

Daejeon is South Korea’s fifth largest city, situated right in the heart of Chungcheong province, and has over 1.5 million inhabitants. It is also the home of Daejeon MBC, a regional branch of MBC, South Korea’s oldest commercial broadcasting network. Always a frontrunner in broadcasting technology, Daejeon MBC decided to renovate its main news studio in May 2013.

High-pressure environment

Barco provided Daejeon MBC with the guaranteed reliability and outstanding performance required in the high-pressure environment of a TV news studio. A set of 4x2 OverView OVL-708 70” LED video panels creates a dynamic, high-quality video backdrop. Additionally, Barco’s Encore Controller ensures smooth operation of the video wall, thus allowing studio technicians to control a wide range of video input signals on the fly.