KCTV Jeju (South Korea) shines with a touch of Barco

Last May, TV news on the South Korean island of Jeju welcomed a star addition. This new wind did not come from a new dashing anchorman or woman, but from Barco’s OverView OVL-708 LED video wall.  After comparing all options on the market, Korea Cable TV Jeju (KCTV) chose Barco’s broadcasting backdrop on account of its vivid colors and unequalled reliability.

Broadcasting from the very south of South Korea, KCTV Jeju brings news and entertainment to the 600,000 population on the island of Jeju and beyond. As a leading South Korean cable TV provider, KCTV Jeju constantly aims to present its viewers with best-in-class TV-productions. In May 2013, this drive led to the decision to restyle the broadcaster’s main news studio.

Bringing the news to life

To find a studio backdrop to match its ambitions, KCTV Jeju began an in-depth comparison of the available options. Eventually, Barco’s OverView OVL-708 prevailed. The fully redundant, 70” XGA LED video wall convinced KCTV Jeju with its guaranteed uptime, game-changing brightness and color stability. A Barco Encore Controller ensures an effortless operation of the 5x2-panel set-up, tailored to the studio dimensions.