Vornado understands the importance of achieving the proper balance between visual aesthetics and economics to generate a high ROI on its advertising dollars. So, when they engaged experiential design firm The Barnycz Group for their expertise in high-impact outdoor displays, the company knew they would be dramatically boosting the impact of their building signage at critical retail traffic intersections in downtown Manhattan. The result: brilliant LED displays that not only light up the skyline with powerful messaging, but are expected to boost advertising revenue opportunities to the tune of millions of dollars.

The new billboards are located at three key locations – with two displays actually facing each other across the street. The displays feature thousands of square feet of TF10 tiles with specially designed corner tiles and front-service mechanics, broadcasting millions of pixels of high-resolution imagery. Each is driven by Barco’s industry standard image processor, the DX-700, and runs Barco LiveDots’ network-based RMS software, featuring proprietary sensor technology enabling remote management of the entire display.