People today are working differently than in previous generations. The way that business people meet, is changing too. To cater to the needs of the X and Y generation, the Munich-based Marriott hotel completely overhauled its meeting rooms in 2013. Wireless, easy-to-handle and understandable technology that would boost flexibility and collaboration was a must. In close cooperation with AV specialists, Marriott München chose ClickShare as its new meeting room presentation system.
Unique on the market
Robert Gasser, Director of Operations, describes how ClickShare perfectly fits the new meeting room, as it is easy to handle, understandable for everybody - not only experts - and is really plug and play, without the need to install any program on the computer. He highlights how two customers already explicitly asked for ClickShare, as they are using the app version on their iOS tablet: “This really is something unique on the market, for sure.”

Ready in one, two, three
“Quite often we have customers coming in and asking for a meeting room, immediately,” says Kathrin Hanisch, Director of Event Management. “In these cases, there is no time to set up the room or the technology, it just has to be ready… or we lose the client. With ClickShare, we don’t need much time to set up the system or instruct the customer. It is ready and easy to use. We can explain it in three simple steps.” She continues: “During a recent board meeting, a pharmaceutical company had four different types of presentations to show. They were really excited about the flexibility to change presentations during the meeting without interruption or any changing of cables.”

Become the market leader?
ClickShare does, in other words, offer true added value that helps Marriott München take an edge over its competitors. “Munich is truly a meeting city and Marriott München is a well-known catering and meeting hotel. The renovation of our meeting rooms was an important move to become the clear market leader,” says Gasser. The efforts have bore fruit, so it appears. “Many customers are indeed coming back since we updated the meeting package. They’ve experienced the reliability of our systems and the comfort and convenience to hold their meetings here, hassle free and problem free,” Erich Zuri, General Manager of Marriott München, concludes.