A hallmark of today’s new media installations is the integration of live social media feeds to create a more personalized, interactive experience with audiences. iHeartRadio envisioned a bold digital canvas that would dynamically display live show feeds, photos, audience messages and other interactive design elements to share with fans during events.

Showcasing the interconnected nature of text streams, still images and video is a Barco specialty. Many Barco solutions are designed with connectivity uppermost in mind, not only integrating extremely well into the environment, but also with the latest, most sophisticated content and software to produce stunning, multi-faceted shows.

The Department of the 4th Dimension’s Matt Checkowski described the unique application of the Barco LiveDots C5 video display into the iHeartRadio environment. The project was an interesting opportunity to create a hybrid space where a live concert literally merges with social media, in a kind-of millennial musical holodeck,” recounts. “It was critical that the visual design captured that magic and the wall was the perfect technology to bridge the real with the digital. The live show was just as good in the theatre as it was in front of the media wall.”

Photos © 2013 Matt Checkowski