Creating a cinema experience beyond the ordinary

“Build a cinema that offers the movie-goer an experience beyond the ordinary”: that was the dream of Danish film enthusiasts Jan Boye Thomsen and Emil Mark Nørholm. Both devotees of film, Thomsen and Nørholm already operated Baltoppen Bio in Ballerup when they decided to build a new cinema at the heart of Rødovre. “It had to be a place where we, ourselves, would love to watch movies,” says Emil Mark Nørholm. So they teamed up with AVC Kino Digital to build Atlas Cinemas – their dream cinema, a place “where all the senses are pampered.”

The ultimate in comfort
AVC Kino Digital offered expert advice on every aspect of the design and construction process – from the size of the theaters, the type of furniture and lighting through to the sound and image technology. The end result was a true state-of-the-art cinema, extending over five floors with a total of 681 seats. To offer their audience the best possible cinema experience, the exhibitors left a 135 cm gap between the rows and all seats have dual armrests. The cinema even features a 35-seat large VIP floor that has leather seats, each with an automatic backrest.

Future-proof, high quality at a good price
Comfort, though, is not the only way to “pamper the senses” of cinema-goers. So AVC Kino Digital also equipped its theaters with first-class Barco digital projection technology: three DP2K-19B, one DP2K-23B projector and one DP4K-32B projector in the main hall. In addition, the two largest theaters feature Auro 11.1 immersive sound technology, by Barco.

“Cinema, these days, can’t do without immersive sound,” explains Emil Mark Nørholm. “In search of an immersive sound system for Atlas, we chose Auro 11.1 for three reasons. Firstly, like many of Barco’s technologies, Auro is a future-proof system: it is ready for upgrades, without requiring cinema exhibitors to replace it as soon as new features become available. In addition, the top surround channel fills out the hole in the sound that other immersive systems have. Last but not least, Auro 11.1 by Barco was the most cost-effective solution too. Barco really has thought of everything!”