MBC (South Korea) creates ‘mirror of the future’ with Barco

As the number one broadcast network in Korea in terms of reliability, popularity and influence, the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) keeps pushing the envelope. In its new headquarters in Sangam Digital Media City (DMC), Seoul, the network is creating Korea’s first urban entertainment center (UEC). Showcasing MBC’s current stature as well as its future, the center is equipped with the latest generation of broadcasting equipment, including a brand-new Barco OverView video wall in a 9x2 configuration.

One of four major national television and radio networks, MBC is the oldest commercial broadcasting network in South Korea. Its flagship terrestrial television station is Channel 11 (LCN). The network also includes 19 regional stations and 10 subsidiaries. By exporting high-quality media content to over 50 countries, the group is quickly making a name for itself beyond the Korean borders. Today, the group is looking to strengthen its ties with broadcasting companies around the world.

Bright and breezy

The new company building in Sangam Digital Media City (DMC) perfectly conveys MBC’s ambition to become one of the most competitive media groups of the 21st century. In the brand-new broadcasting studio, a video wall backdrop has been installed featuring Barco’s OverView product range. On top of a new OVL-715 9x2 setup, MBC’s existing 8x3 setup was dismantled and given a second life in two additional 8x2 and 4x2 configurations. Despite having clocked up two years of intensive broadcasting, these modules still produce the same ultra-sharp images as when they were first taken into use.

With its unique sensor technology providing optimum brightness and color stability and its high levels of redundancy for guaranteed uptime, the wall echoes MBC’s core values of reliability, creativity and professionalism. Furthermore, the modular set-up offers virtually no limits in size, thus effectively creating a pathway to an even brighter future for MBC.


About this project

Application               : Broadcasting – video wall backdrop



Date                 : August 2014


Location           : Seoul, South Korea


Products           : OverView OVL-715