SBS (South Korea) and Barco create the perfect backdrop for growth

On stepping inside the broadcasting studio of South Korean network SBS, the mere size of its new backdrop video wall will leave you baffled. With a 14x2 module set-up, the system is the largest of its kind in Korea. Installed in May 2014, the system is a significant expansion of the already impressive11x2 Barco OverView video wall that was set up back in 2012. 

One of four major terrestrial television networks in South Korea, SBS is the only private commercial broadcaster in the country with a wide regional network. Through Channel 6, its flagship terrestrial television station for digital and cable, the group has received high ratings across a variety of programs.

Expanding trust

In 2012, after extensive market research, SBS contacted Barco for the installation of a 70” video wall in its news studio. Two and a half years later, the system was in need of expansion. Following its excellent past experiences, SBS decided to call upon Barco once again in May 2014. Today, the network can boast  the largest backdrop video wall for broadcasting in the country – complete with Barco’s trademark technological ingenuities that ensure maximum uptime, minimum maintenance and premium image quality at all times.