A broad view on 24-hour news – Always first YTN

If you’re looking for the latest update on what’s happening in the world, tuning in to the South Korean YTN channel is never a bad idea. Founded in 1993, the channel has been offering 24-hour news since 1995. To upgrade its capabilities, the network moved to Sangam Digital City in Seoul in March 2014. There, a brand-new video wall was installed featuring Barco technology in a 9x2-module setup.

With slogans like ‘Always first YTN’, YTN has quickly become one of the most popular news channels in Korea. As a first step towards further broadening its scope, the group has decided to move its headquarters to Sangam Digital City in Seoul.

Seamless coverage

The new office building will feature all the latest broadcasting technologies to enable further growth for YTN. In the television broadcasting studio, for example, a Barco OverView video wall with high-redundancy levels is installed, ensuring continuous coverage of the latest news. Furthermore, thanks to its minimal screen gaps and wide viewing angles, the wall aligns perfectly with YTN’s focus on complete news coverage from a broad perspective.