“Pop-up” theaters are popping up everywhere, providing a great option for temporary cinemas as well as indoor/outdoor movie venues in school gyms, public parks and even underserved locales in the water or up on a roof! These theaters in-a-box bring cinema to the people wherever they are, offering a portable, first-class viewing experience according to the folks at Bandwidth Digital Releasing, Inc., who used a Barco 4K digital cinema projector to screen movies in Canada for the Adam Beach Film Institute, a national charitable organization created to provide greater opportunity for Aboriginal people in front of and behind the camera.

As reported in the Daily News and The Hollywood Reporter, Bandwidth began showing international Aboriginal, indigenous and first-run Hollywood films at the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation reserve back in April, with subsequent screenings held at other First Nations which previously had no access to a local cinema.

“This is one part of my dream –to bring Hollywood to my people,” says Vice-President Adam Beach. “It was pretty cool to get a DCP of Cowboys & Aliens and show the movie to my home community (Lake Manitoba First Nation). Native kids got to see me on screen along side Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, then come up to me after the movie and ask for an autograph, or to take a selfie.”

“We’ve shown some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters this summer including X-Men Days Of Future Past, Godzilla, and Captain America: Winter Soldier,“ says Jeremy Torrie, president of Bandwidth Digital Releasing. “The Barco has generated fantastic detail and colour. We project on a 30 foot wide screen standing seventeen feet tall, and no matter where you sit, the picture is amazing.”

Sound is processed from the Barco via a Dolby CP750 Processor and output to 5 x 1000 watt QSC speakers and 2 x 1000 subwoofers. “This setup makes for an amazing combination of picture and sound. Everyone marvels at the quality. They just don’t expect this when they walk into their hockey arena, or school gym,” said Torrie.

Bandwidth has been to numerous communities spanning thousands of miles. Everything is loaded into a 22-ft trailer and trucked into the communities. While the Barco is a delicate piece of projection technology, it has performed flawlessly, even when faced with power outages. “At Fairford, MB in July a lightning storm shut down the community for five hours. Since we travel with a generator we were able plug in and continue showing movies with minimal interruption. It’s been a workhorse.”

Bandwidth plans to expand with franchises across Canada, and into the USA for 2015.