The perfect backdrop for the widest range of TV programs

The Compañía de Radio e Televisión de Galicia (CRTVG) was established in 1985 to promote the regional language and culture, via Televisión de Galicia (TVG) and Radio Galega (RG). Ever since then, TV Galicia has been broadcasting a wide range of programs 24 hours a day, via two regional and two satellite channels. When in 2013, TV Galicia decided to install a brand-new 300m² news studio, it turned to Barco.

Long list of requirements
TV Galicia drafted a lengthy list of requirements for the news studio’s new visualization solution. The system had to be as advanced as possible, ensure perfect color alignment and image quality, be easily maintainable and be future-proof. After an in-depth study of the solutions available on the market, they chose Barco’s LED-driven video wall. “We wanted a LED-lit solution because of its energy efficiency and durability,” says Antonio Posse, Engineering Director. “Moreover, the demo that Barco had given convinced us that these benefits were perfectly compatible with great image quality too. Barco simply was the best option on account of that product quality, in addition to its many customer references and local support services.”

Flexibility and ease-of-use
The TV Galicia news studio now features three sets of 70” OL-710 modules, in a 2x2 configuration. While two of the three walls are fixed, the third one has been installed on wheels, so that it can be used flexibly whenever needed. “Every day, we produce six different programs here,” Posse continued. “The content on Barco’s video walls can be changed so easily that we can quickly adjust the graphics, colors, lighting, … to meet the different needs of each program.”

Easy maintenance
“As for the maintainability and reliability, features like the LED redundancy and the spectrometer with Sense 6 technology really help us work quickly and efficiently. We are really happy with the performance, uniformity and color stability of the Barco solution,” Antonio Posse concluded.