Combining sun control with aesthetics and branding: meet IRISS

Ever thought how the exterior of an office building is just the perfect branding tool? ‘Facility branding’ brings an organization’s mission, vision and values to life. Renson, a Belgian provider of natural ventilation and sun protection solutions, has understood that well. Since 2010, Renson has been headquartered in a remarkable modern building, alongside one of Belgium’s busiest motorways. To promote its ‘healthy living’ solutions, the building façade is fitted with a large LED wall, composed of 36 (33m2) Barco LiveDots LED TF-20 LED tiles. More than that, it features a brand-new system that combines sunshades with imaging possibilities: IRISS, Integrated Radiant Solar Shades – the unique result of close cooperation between the experts of Renson and Barco LiveDots.

Sunscreen + images
It was Barco LiveDots that got in touch with Renson. “In our constant search for new, innovative branding solutions, we wondered if it would be feasible to design a transparent screen for facility branding instead of the fixed screens that often ruin a building’s architecture,” said Carl Rijsbrack, CMO at Barco LiveDots. “As Renson is an expert in sun protection solutions, we decided to ask for their advice.”

“We’ve had similar requests in the past from Renson customers,” adds Kristof Derudder, Business Unit Manager at Renson. “More and more buildings, these days, have large glass facades. These are great to bring the light into buildings, they boast great views and they look striking, but the glass buildings heat up very quickly in summer too. Our external aluminum sun shading perfectly keeps the heat out. By using the sun control system for branding, we would be able to kill two birds with one stone”.

Field-tested and approved
Renson happily joined forces with the Barco team to develop a unique system that combines the core know-how of both companies: Renson’s high-quality sun shading, consisting of aluminum blades, and a series of integrated LED strips from LiveDots, which allow the display of both static and dynamic, video-based content.

All together, it took them around two years from idea to market launch. “After an intensive design, development and prototyping phase, we ‘field-tested’ IRISS on the façade of the Renson building in Waregem for six months. It perfectly withstood all weather conditions and everyone was enthusiastic about how it blends its sun control functionality with branding.”

Bright, easy and remotely controlled
The high brightness LiveDots LEDs ensure that the images are perfectly visible, even in bright daylight conditions, with 281 trillion colors. Thanks to the quick fix mounting system, the LEDs can be removed from the wall in a quick way, thus allowing easy service maintenance. Moreover, the system can be controlled remotely and content can be loaded from anywhere in the world … a whole host of benefits which, we hope, will open the doors for IRISS to adorn buildings around the world.