Helping to create an ‘infinite’ experience 

Precision, perfection, timeless design and craftsmanship: they all characterize the work of interior designer Descamps and of Glenn Sestig Architects. Both companies have collaborated on a series of successful projects, in the past 15 years. ‘Infinity’, the exhibition they set up on the occasion of the biannual ‘Interieur’ trade show in Kortrijk, Belgium, put 44 of these projects in the spots, in the décor of one of the Kortrijk’s oldest townhouses.

Modular solution
In line with their passion for aesthetics and style, Descamps and Glenn Sestig wanted to create a symbiosis of architecture, interior design and perfect craftsmanship. They contacted Barco to help achieve an intimate yet ‘infinite’ atmosphere where the pictures of their work would be visualized in an original way. “The requirements were complex and really demanded a deep understanding of technology,” recalls Carl Rijsbrack, VP Retail and Advertising. “We provided a modular solution based on 30 X8 LED tiles, which were stuck to 10 pillars. The LED tiles ensured crisp, high contrast images, even in the dim light that was needed to create the intimate atmosphere.”

Both Descamps and Glenn Sestig Architects are enthusiastic about the end result, as were the people who visited the exhibition. “The set-up reflects exactly the perfection we strive to achieve in our work,” says Glenn Sestig. Descamps highlights how Barco helped showcase its work, while adding that extra touch needed to create a unique visitor experience.

Listen to the full story – and enjoy the images – in our video.