Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism has been working hard over the past few years to turn Mexico into a world-class tourist destination and to promote tourism to Mexico. Its efforts are gaining fruit, not in the least amongst Chinese people who increasingly decide to go and explore the South-American country. To introduce – and seduce – the Chinese to the wonders of Mexico, the Mexican Ministry of Tourism set up ‘Encuéntrate con México’ in 2014 – an impressive interactive exhibition in Chaoyang Park, Beijing. For 12 days on end, the park was the décor for a huge dome, where Barco projectors helped bring the story of Mexico’s economic and cultural development to life.

Simply amazing

The Mexican creative agency CREA was the brains behind the impressive dome set-up. They called in the help of Spanish AV expert BNC Montajes Audiovisuales for the technical implementation of their ideas. Francisco de Borja Gonzalez Lopez, technical director: “CREA had installed a huge dome in the park, where visitors could discover Mexico via interactive experiences, augmented reality, 3D images, holograms, etc. We used six Barco RLM-W6 projectors to create a huge mapping along the entrance corridor. In addition, five Barco HDX-W20 projectors helped realize a massive 360º projection, in the brightest, crispest of colors. At night, four HDQ-2K40 projectors also created a projection outdoors, on the outside of the dome. We used one Barco Matrix 16x16 and two Barco Matrix 8x8 solutions for signal routing. The end result was really an amazing interactive, visual experience that impressed everyone visiting.”