A large LED wall in Oxford Circus’s most visible shop window? We just did it! 
Nike Town London is the dream of every ‘swoosh’ lover: a 70,000 m² ‘town’, featuring the latest range of Nike clothing, shoes and specialized products. Located on the corner of London’s Regent and Oxford Streets, the Nike flagship store was one of the city’s first brand retail experiences in 1999. And the company is continually investing to further enhance the consumer shopping experience …

The ultimate brand experience
Creative services agency OMM has been Nike’s agency of choice for digital and technical projects for quite a while now. “OMM helps companies lift their brand experiences to new levels,” says Nik Arnhold, Director Digital Services. “So when Nike wanted to revamp the window of its London flagship store, they called in OMM’s help to find the solution that would best impress the passers-by.”

Brightness + detail
“The Nike flagship store is situated on one of the busiest – and hence most expensive – street corners in London; a place where millions of people pass by. So we had to maximize the impact of the shop window, especially from across the street, where the busy Oxford Tube station is located. The existing video wall in the shop window on Oxford Street could not meet that requirement. As it was not visible in direct sunlight, its impact was low,” explains Arnhold. 

Arnhold and OMM’s technical services looked at a number of visualization solutions that would allow Nike to show its videos and images in the brightest colors, even in direct sunlight. “As we had set up large LED displays at some of the UK’s largest sports venues in the past, we knew that LED would be the best technology for the situation,” Arnhold continued. “After all, LED ensures outstanding brightness – eight times brighter than a traditional video wall – and cuts through direct sunlight. We chose the Barco C8 system for its high-quality sustainable output and because it had the right balance of color and resolution for the location.”

The coolest flagship store in the UK
A joint OMM–Barco LiveDots team set up the 11.2m² wall, consisting of 70 C8 tiles. Arnhold: “The system is easy to work with. We can update the content in no time, remotely. Most importantly, however, the brightness is sensational, without compromising too much on detail. The wall is perfectly visible from across the street, from whatever angle and in whatever circumstances. This is just what Nike needed to optimally display its campaigns and ensure that Nike Town London remains the coolest flagship store in Europe.”