Straightforward LED solution for a vibrant, public space

In the center of Melbourne lies Federation Square: a mixed-use, public space covering 3.2 hectares. Home to major cultural and sports events, art exhibitions and even the odd fitness class, The Square is the beating heart of Australia’s second largest city. And thanks to Barco’s outdoor LED technology, visitors can now fully immerse themselves in its vibrant atmosphere. 

The 6th best public square in the world according to Landscape Architects Network, “Fed Square” has attracted more than 100 million visitors since its opening in 2002. In the main square, crowds often gather to watch major events on the central screen – a giant Barco S-Lite 10XP display. To create an even more dynamic visitor experience, a smaller Barco T8 screen was recently added in the upper square area. 

Adding perspective
The new screen relays program content from the square’s primary screen, thus allowing visitors to view all live main stage events and scheduled programming comfortably. In addition, the screen can be used for smaller events and alternate programming too. As a result, it creates a wider scope for multimedia output and adds to the multidimensionality of Federation Square as a whole. 

Reflecting the spirit of Melbourne
For Fed Square Pty Ltd, the company that manages The Square, the decision to add another display is part of its commitment to creating and developing a space which actively supports and reflects Melbourne’s civic and cultural strengths. Having chosen Barco for the plaza’s main screen in the past, the Belgian technology leader was top of mind for this project once more. 

Low maintenance
Apart from this, however, the decisive factors in choosing the T8 outdoor LED display were mostly technical. Andrew Stratton, Multimedia Systems Administrator for Fed Square explains: “From processors to tile assembly, the T8 is a very impressive and well-designed system. Updating firmware is incredibly quick, so the display doesn’t have to be put out of service for extended periods of time. In addition, the UI is very intuitive and communicates almost instantly with the screen array.”

Straightforward approach
“Another major factor in favor of the T8, apart from its quality and resilience to extreme weather, was the mechanical design”, Stratton added. “The T8 is fully serviceable from the front. This allowed us to build our frame and substructure right up against an existing building façade. That, and the fact that the system was almost entirely prefabricated by Barco in Belgium, helped us to keep costs and resources to an absolute minimum.”