On-board wireless collaboration for Zenith Interiors’ Media Connect media wall

Flexibility, functionality and ease of use are some of the concepts determining today’s office culture. As one of Australia’s leaders in the design and installation of innovative corporate and commercial environments, Zenith Interiors offers just that. Their Media Connect console allows users to collaborate, present and share information, all wirelessly and with just one click of a button.

The Media Connect media wall houses a display, sound system and camera all in one console. Users can connect wirelessly and collaborate with colleagues anywhere in the world.

To extend presentation and collaboration capabilities, Zenith Interiors turned to Barco and its award-winning ClickShare solution. Neatly built into the back of the console, ClickShare allows users to effortlessly share data from their own device on the media wall. All they need to do is connect a button to their device’s USB port or download the app, and they’re ready to go. Wireless collaboration and presentation has never been easier.

“The real essence of Media Connect is the wireless presentation solution by Barco built into the console. Via ClickShare, Media Connect brings wireless connectivity to the collaborative workplace.”  said Barbara Schmidt, Director, Zenith Interiors - Australia. (http://Zenithinteriors.Com.Au) 

<Barco solutions>
• ClickShare CSM-1, allowing for up to 8 simultaneous connections
• ClickShare CSC-1, allowing for up to 64 simultaneous connections

• Connect user devices wirelessly to the Media Connect media wall
• Ready-to-use, one-click solution
• Easy installation, no hassle with cables