When Movie Director Michael Bay recently built his stunning new home atop a peak in the exclusive East Gate Bel Air neighborhood, he naturally wanted a digital cinema projector befitting the quality and grandeur of his new home cinema. Based on his exclusive preference for Barco projection in his movie-making endeavors, a Barco DLP Cinema projector was the clear choice.

“I’ve worked with Barco for 15 years, it’s my one and only projector,” said Bay. “When I present my large-scale films to audiences for screening, I bring in Barco equipment. I obviously wanted the very latest and best technical specs out there – and with the image being the most important thing to me – I knew my theater had to have a Barco projector.” Bay selected the Barco DLP Cinema® 4K projector, because “It is simply the best.”

The Barco DP4K-23B ultra-bright 4K DLP® Alchemy Cinema projector was the perfect match to provide stunning brightness, excellent contrast and picture-perfect color on the cinema’s 25-foot screen. The DP4K-23B makes it possible for a single projector to significantly elevate the movie experience, presenting both 4K 2D images at 60 fps as well as vibrant 4K 3D images.