Shei-Pa National Park, in the north of central Taiwan, covers 76,850 hectares of stunning natural beauty. Its fauna and flora, with magnificent mountains including 51 summits higher than 3,000 meters, and its rare and endemic species are too unique not to be shown to nature lovers. The national park is putting great effort into giving visitors a more in-depth ecotourism experience. With its fifth Barco projector, the park can now provide an even clearer picture of its ecological and eco-environmental approach.

Shei-Pa National Park was founded in 1992 to protect and study the natural environment in all its forms, so future generations can continue to enjoy its greatness. Shei-Pa is a national park characterized by high mountains and a wide variety of terrains, sceneries and weather conditions. The park has three main recreational areas where visitors can learn more about the park’s geology, terrain and flora and fauna.

First priority of Shei-Pa National Park is to conserve its rich flora and fauna and cultural resources. Several areas, such as the Conservation Area with natural biotic communities or the Special Scenic Area with its outstanding natural features, offer limited access to visitors. To get an understanding of how the park operates, visitors are invited to visit the recreational areas, equipped with exhibition and audio-visual rooms. By means of comprehensible texts, images and short movies, eco-tourists learn more about the park.

Evolving to better inform visitors
According to the National Parks law, parks are required to actively promote resource conservation and research. Therefore, Shei-Pa National Park keeps evolving to better inform its visitors. “We decided to create another audio-visual room because the ecological and eco-environmental movies really appeal to people”, says X of Shei-Pa National Park. “As for our previous projectors, we chose Barco as a reliable supplier. Barco’s projectors, such as the newly installed PGWU-61B for instance, excel through quality image projection, user-friendly remote operation, and their long lifespan.”

Educational and entertaining
With 20 to 25-minute movies about the mandarin duck, the broad-tailed swallowtail butterfly or the story of the guanwu salamander, the national park continues to educate visitors in an entertaining way. “We are constantly thinking of new ways to better inform our visitors and make everything even more appealing. Barco has supported us immensely in achieving this”, X concludes.

Barco solutions:
• 5 projectors (1 HDX-W12, 1 RLM-W8 and 3 PGWU-61B)

Why Barco?
• High-quality images with unmatched level of detail and contrast
• User-friendly remote control
• Compact and sturdy design