‘StarSquare’ water tower gets digital makeover with Barco LED solutions

The landmark water tower that has been a beacon in the city of Waregem, Belgium, since 1958, was revamped and now features a 36m² Barco LED video display, topped by a crown of 822 Barco LED strips. The owner Ghistelinck Group, a big-name Mercedes-Benz franchise holder, uses ‘StarSquare’ – as the LED-lit tower is called – as a massive canvas for city advertising, branding and marketing purposes.

“We wanted to create a unique eye-catcher,” explains Vincent Yserbyt, managing director of Ghistelinck Group. “In today’s digital era, it was only logical to install a huge digital display. And who else could better provide an innovative LED solution than Barco, a global market leader that can boast exceptional LED display installations around the world? Most importantly, of course, we were amazed by the performance and possibilities of the solution Barco suggested.”

Extensive brainstorm and design sessions have led to the unique, creative design: Barco suggested combining a huge, conventional video display on one side of the tower with a creative LED solution surrounding the tower’s upper part. Publima - an expert in the design and installation of (outdoor) signs and advertising – and Barco have set up the 36m² rectangular wall consisting of 45 V16 LED tiles facing the nearby motorway. Featuring a unique shader design with louvers that minimize the reflection and impact of the sun, the LED tiles are sure to offer very dark black and enhanced contrast levels, as well as an improved contrast/brightness ratio. Cherry on the cake of the installation is the 360° LED crown, made of 822 FLX-L LED stripes.