Inaugurated in August 2015, the 45,000m², 150-bed Danat Al Emarat (DAE) Hospital is the first privately owned, purpose-built women’s and children’s hospital in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Managed by Singapore ParkwayHealth (a subsidiary of Parkway Pantai Private Limited, Southeast Asia’s largest private healthcare provider), the hospital provides women and children with the best possible in- and outpatient healthcare services, in various disciplines: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Pediatrics Center, Woman’s Diagnostics and Breast Imaging, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Fertility, Gastroenterology Internal Medicine and others.

We’re confident that the sharp, precise images will help us better detect anomalies in mammograms.

Wissam Attieh
Biomedical Engineering Manager at United Eastern Medical Services
Searching for the best possible technology
Woman’s Diagnostics and Breast Imaging is one of the hospital’s centers of excellence. Here, just like at all the other departments, highly-qualified staff and advanced technology help ensure the very best screening, diagnosis and treatment. When selecting the medical display systems needed, Danat Al Emarat Hospital called in the help of its trusted technology partner ITs 4 H.E.A.LT.H Medical Equipment L.L.C. Barco’s Coronis Uniti® came out tops for mammography imaging.

All in one, single display system
Wissam Attieh, Biomedical Engineering Manager: “We chose the Coronis Uniti display solution because of the outstanding image quality it ensures. We’re confident that the sharp, precise images will help us better detect anomalies in mammograms. Moreover, it is ideal for representing PACS and diagnostic/mammography images on one, single screen. That’s really an important added value for the radiologist, as well as for the patients. We look forward to exploring all the features of this market-leading display system.”


Barco solution 

  • Coronis Uniti diagnostic display system

Why Barco?

  • Best mammography imaging
  • Represents PACS and diagnostic images