A great believer in the benefits of innovative workplace strategy, GE China has an audacious plan to enhance all aspects of working at its technology park in Shanghai. As part of its goal to maximize efficiency, the global digital giant chose to invest in 30 ClickShare units to enable flexibility, saving time, space and effort and making sure that its employees work in the best environment with the best solutions available.

GE believes that a change in corporate culture can often be sparked by a nonthreatening change in the physical surroundings. Workplace strategy – including facility management - plays an important role in the overarching business strategy of the entire company. When companies invest in strategies that enable resources, services and space to be shared and used efficiently, the result is productive, loyal, happy employees and more value for the company.

“Previously, office environments used to be relatively closed, with each person occupying their own small space.” Tunsong elaborates. “We’re going to make it open to encourage more interaction and collaboration, and ClickShare contributes directly to that goal.”

ClickShare fits perfectly with the ‘office of the future’

“We’ve studied many different cases and scenarios,” continues Tunsong. “By adopting flexible office applications like ClickShare, 30% of the working space can be saved for enterprises like GE in steady states of development. ClickShare helps us eliminate the need for further expansion, since the space available – as well as our time and our equipment – is being used in an optimal way.”

Facility management made easier

Facility management is the wave of the future in companies of all sizes. In making sure that the workspace is managed efficiently and effectively, GE’s approach is to maximize its employees’ personal creativity and contribution – key differentiators in a changing marketplace. “We realize that the investment in facility management – and thus the introduction of new ideas and new technologies – is not a sunk cost like previously believed. It actually facilitates significant cost reductions. Also, as a company that drives cultural changes and focuses mostly on technology, we have to give this strategic change the internal foundation it needs to really take off,” enthuses Tunsong.

More time to focus on core business

In the past, each division of GE China had its own network of supportive functions, resulting in duplicated resources, less efficiency and lower quality. “In helping us make better use of our equipment, time and space, ClickShare has contributed to the integration of these support services, which has led to significant departmental increases in efficiency and improved management. We can focus much more effort on developing our core business, reducing management costs in the process.”


Why Barco?

  • Extreme ease of use
  • No cables, less tech support
  • Boosted efficiency