‘Voletarium’ is the name of the new attraction in Germany’s biggest theme park, Europa-Park. The flying theater is the largest of its kind in Europe and sends visitors on a trip to a set of European landmark places, such as the Matterhorn mountain and the Eiffel Tower. Seated in gondolas in front of a 21-diameter screen, visitors can buckle up and get ready to virtually fly over these remarkable sights. Elevated moving seats, wind and water effects, and a Barco IOSONO sound system guarantee an authentic flight feeling.

The combination of image and sound creates a feeling of adventure for the visitor. The overall impression really blew me away.

Kolja Erdmann
Engaging orchestral soundtrack
The new ride is embedded in the story of the Eulenstein brothers, two fictitious aviation pioneers. Their story, accompanying visitors throughout the ‘Voletarium’, was implemented with high attention to detail. The same detail has been applied to the fly ride’s soundtrack, powered by our Barco IOSONO immersive sound system. The music was recorded by the 60-piece F.A.M.E.'S. Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra. The symphonic film score was created under the direction of German composer Kolja Erdmann and produced by MackMusic, a department of MackMedia. “With the sound system, we can create an acoustic space that matches the size of the visual space the attraction offers,” Erdmann says. “The combination of image and sound creates a feeling of adventure, really building tension for the visitor. The overall impression really blew me away.”

Unique theme park experience

Attracting more than 5.5 million visitors each year, Europa-Park is one of Germany’s most popular tourist destinations. The ‘Voletarium’ ride is the park’s largest single investment in an attraction. Europa-Park contracted Austrian company Kraftwerk Living Technologies to provide technical design, planning and AV integration. “The Voletarium is the biggest attraction of its kind in Europe. We are convinced that we will be presenting something absolutely unique to our guests this season. If you miss this flight, you miss a worldwide sensation”, says Europa-Park owner Roland Mack.


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