The highest representative and legislative body in Slovenia doesn’t just simply make laws; it also represents citizens’ interests, resolves conflicts of interest, controls the budget and makes sure that the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia is respected. It’s important work that benefits immensely from collaboration-facilitating technology at its Great Hall, where 90 lawmakers regularly meet to debate, vote and more.

The system is so user friendly that our jobs are much easier.

Bojan Verbič
CIO National Assembly
Much easier
Each deputy seat in the hall is equipped with a microphone, a voting system, and an interpreting system, a power outlet and access to the National Assembly’s intranet. There was, however, no link between deputies’ seats and the three-screen presentation system. And then came ClickShare, enabling any Parliament member or guest to present content technically from any seat in the hall, free of technical support, wires and the hassles of complex setups and delays.

“All wiring costs were eliminated, system deployment was instantaneous without any interruptions in Parliament operations, and the system is so user friendly that our jobs are much easier,” enthuses Bojan Verbič, CIO.


Barco solution

  • ClickShare presentation system

Why Barco?

  • Ease of use