In July, the international tech world met in Berlin for the sixth edition of Tech Open Air (TOA). Europe’s leading interdisciplinary technology festival brings together entrepreneurs, artists and scientists, and drew a record attendance of 20,000 visitors this year. Besides talks, workshops and an exhibition space, the latest edition also featured the ‘Sound Chamber’ - with an immersive audio-visual installation.

Creating a 3D sound mix in the acoustically challenging room quickly wouldn't have been possible without Barco's IOSONO technology.

Lukas Taido
sound artist
A crowd favorite
Combining Barco's IOSONO 3D sound with projection mapping, the installation by artists Phil Max Schöll (visuals) and Lukas Taido (music), and curated by Hendrik Wendler turned out to be a crowd puller at the festival. “The result of the Sound Chamber installation was terrific! We heard nothing but great feedback from the audience. It was an oasis of tranquility within the TOA, which was well received by the audience and perfectly fitted into the overall concept of TOA,” Nadine Riede, Head of Content at TOA, commented.

Solving challenges

Set against an industrial backdrop, the AV installation titled ‘Abstractions in Concrete’ highlighted the angled architecture of the monumental space. Using about 30 loudspeakers with the IOSONO CORE and 8 HD projectors, the project was technically complex and creatively challenging. "The sound chamber was difficult to handle acoustically because it has a lot of reverb," explains sound artist Lukas Taido. "Creating a 3D sound mix in such an acoustically challenging room as quickly as I did here wouldn't have been possible with any other system, so I was very happy to be using Barco's IOSONO technology."

Watch the video for a glimpse of the Sound Chamber installation. 

Copyright images: Tech Open Air / Lukas Taido


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