In an effort to create a fully functional collaborative learning environment, King's College leaders focused on achieving a truly interactive classroom fueled by the latest wireless technology. The solution? Barco’s weConnect BYOD Classroom.

When our faculty asks how they can use this in the classroom, my answer is: “Use your imagination!

Barry Williams
Dean, McGowan School of Business at King’s College

King’s College has been dedicated to transforming the hearts and minds of students through its commitment to the art and science of teaching. The William G. McGowan School of Business offers innovation in program development, and a forward-thinking, personalized approach to education.

“We’ve wanted to develop this level of teaching environment for several years, but didn’t feel the industry was where it needed to be,” said Ray Pryor, Managing Director of User Services for King’s College. “When Barco developed weConnect, we felt we had finally found the right product.” weConnect is an easy-to-use system that allows students and teachers to bring their own devices to the classroom and wirelessly present their information – applications, graphics, video, and audio – on the main classroom display. The solution replaces hardwired machines and enables any classroom to become a collaboration lab.

Students have also embraced weConnect with enthusiasm: “I enjoyed that it felt like a completely interactive experience and kept everyone focused and engaged because of the multiple screens in front of them,” comments Hanade Abualburak, student.


Barco Solution

  • Barco weConnect BYOD Classroom

Why Barco?

  • Wireless without lag for real-time collaboration
  • Enhances teaching flexibility and interactive learning
  • Easy to deploy and use by teachers and students