The Cluster is Australia’s leading co-working space. In the centre of hip Melbourne, with commanding views over the Yarra River all the way to Port Phillip Bay, it’s a heady combination of fashionable design, innovative thinking, and agile businesses. Over three floors at 31 Queen Street, The Cluster can accommodate everything from ‘virtual’ tenants using their address and facilities on a casual basis, up to multinationals establishing a foothold in Australia and videoconferencing with their parent offices. The Cluster relies on Barco’s ClickShare wireless presentation systems to help its tenants present, pitch, and communicate intuitively, without technology getting in the way of ideas.
Start-ups and established companies from across almost every industry, including law, fashion, technology, finance, entertainment, HR, and telecommunications call The Cluster home, and their AV requirements are as varied as their backgrounds. “Our clients love the atmosphere,” says Sam Tuck, The Cluster’s Network Administrator. “But it’s not just the facilities; it’s the networking and the business events. We’re an incubator and entirely new businesses have been born because of it. We have a ‘Yes, We Can’ attitude towards our client’s AV needs, which can be basic or complex. We’ve designed and implemented all of our AV systems in-house, and every decision we’ve made, we’ve put ourselves in the client’s shoes. We have to make sure any AV system can support everyone’s needs, and that’s why we’ve chosen Barco ClickShare.”

Sam and the Network team rolled out Barco ClickShare CSE-200 wireless presentation systems in their two large meeting rooms six months ago. After a successful trial period, they’ve recently added Barco ClickShare CS-100 wireless presentation systems in two of their smaller meeting rooms. “It’s made presentations for our clients just so simple,” explains Sam. “In the large meeting rooms, we give our clients a box with the two ClickShare Buttons in it. There’s a ‘how-to’ card, and instructions on the screen. We’ve found that because ClickShare is such a well-known standard for presentations, most clients understand it intuitively. They plug it in, and it just works. When everyone’s happy, we get a lot of repeat use.”

It isn’t just The Cluster’s customers that benefitted from ClickShare’s ease-of-use. ‘Our large meeting rooms are on the top levels of our building, with concrete floors that we are not allowed to drill into,” relates Sam. “When you can’t run cables for your AV systems, life can get difficult. We rely on our robust wireless infrastructure for our AV backbone, and ClickShare is part of that.”

Initially introduced to Barco through one of The Cluster’s tenants, Sam and the team quickly developed a great working relationship. “Craig Saunders, Barco’s Melbourne Sales Engineer, came and showed us everything they had that would suit our applications,” Sam elaborates. “All through the process, Barco provided a great level of customer service. ClickShare has won our clients over, and the happiness of our clients is the most important thing to us. Having invested in ClickShare for four rooms, and been called in to fix problems a total of zero times, we’ll definitely be investing in more. ClickShare just works, and that’s what we love hearing.”
Being Melbourne, great coffee is compulsory, and ‘Clusterians’ enjoy a fantastic café, multiple meeting and conferencing spaces, function areas, and quiet reflective oases, along with the hot desks and enclosed office spaces.