With wePresent, I'm able to mirror the camera view from my cellphone. Improvement in classroom dynamic was beyond my expectations.

Shin-Chin Chen
Ph. D. Assissitant Professor St. John’s University

As Taiwan’s first undergraduate program in fashion administration and management, the department finds it a constant challenge to provide students with an excellent information simulation learning system as well as to enhance their classroom experience. Every semester the department spends a huge amount of resources on design activities such as runway fashion shows and a fashion-focused student newspaper. The department aims to create the “learning-by-doing” academic environment for students to reinforce their classroom knowledge and make sure they remember what they learned. The requirements for projection systems have long gone beyond just delivering PowerPoint presentations in a traditional classroom. By using wePresent wireless interactive projection systems, the department is able to fulfill the need for smooth and real-time lectures.

Cross-Platform projection, content sharing and advanced quadrant-screen display

The amount of personal electronic devices is ever increasing and as a result, compatibility issues arise. One notoriously often-encountered problem in the design industry is that the display ports of Apple computers and traditional projectors are usually incompatible with each other, leading to poor user experience.

In a classroom setting, on-demand projection of separate picture files from different phones, tablets or other devices are also often required for efficient discussion to take place. For lecture purposes, simultaneous display of webpages, videos and pictures from different Windows PCs, Mac computers, or even Android tablets may be needed. wePresent’s unique quadrant display projection system is cross-platform and cross-device, allowing students to see all the information at once on a 4-quadrant display. With wePresent’s unique quadrant display function, students are able to quickly make comparisons and process more ideas, leading to an overall more productive discussion.

Share Files securely and seamlessly

In traditional practices, presenters are often asked to send the presentation files before a class or a symposium. This poses a large security risk, as those presentation files often contain classified and critical information. File security becomes a real concern. With wePresent’s WiFi projection, however, presenters will be able to project their presentation files directly from the devices they are carrying, thus not only eliminating a security risk but also guaranteeing that the presentation file versions are always up-to-date.

Smooth real-time interactive class

One of the biggest challenges in the classroom has always been how to focus on a topic, maximize student discussion potential and create good discussion results. Imagine the wait time and hassle involved for a typical 30~50 student class to do individual presentations.

In a traditional classroom, the discussion usually lacks focus, student interaction is poor and the pace of class feels uneven, echoed Shih-Chin Chen, assistant professor in the program, with a heartfelt comment. With wePresent, professors can now wirelessly project their phone camera views directly to the screen. This allows for some very creative and interesting classroom applications. During group design critique sessions, the lecturer can move around between groups with a phone and project each group’s design works to the screen through the phone’s camera. This not only brings an efficient way to facilitate discussions, but also encourages active student participation.


Barco solution 
  • wePresent WIPG-2000

Why Barco?

  • Multi-device sharing
  • Multi-platform support
  • Improved security
  • Ease of use

Students are more engaged and discussions are more focused and efficient.

Shin-Chin Chen
Ph. D. Assissitant Professor St. John’s University