wePresent offers a brand-new wireless experience, bringing me closer to my students.

Ms. Young-Sim Lee
Lecturer of language school for international students Inha University

Amongst many wireless presentation systems, Inha University carefully selected and has decided to purchase a large quantity of WiPG-1000 units when they were facing the emerging demand on the renovation of classroom equipment. 

Why does WiPG-1000 stand out? The answer is simple: It’s sufficiently powerful yet affordable. Through WiPG-1000, classmates find it easier to learn from each other. The dynamics of group behavior, such as brainstorming, is significantly enhanced. Teaching is no longer a one-man show, and students get to realize the importance and fun of teamwork! It is amazing that up to 64 users can connect to the WiPG-1000. Besides, WiPG-1000 allows up to 4 presenters to simultaneously project their documents or images to the same screen (quad-screen mode). Thanks to these features, WiPG-1000 plays a crucial role in narrowing the gap between teachers/instructors and students. As a result, classes become ever more engaging and interesting.

Affordable and Sufficiently Powerful

“Lecturers here at the language school of Inha University mostly work on a part-time basis. They prefer to give lessons with their own devices on which their teaching materials are stored. As they use laptops, tablets or smartphones running on different operating systems, it is instantly clear that we need a wireless presentation system which meets the requirements of mobility and flexibility,” explained a staff member of Inha.

“Aside from that, staying within budget is another goal we ought to shoot for. After all, Inha, as a private university, has to survive on its own without government funding,” added another employee of Inha. With a low cost-to-performance ratio, WiPG-1000 is undoubtedly an optimal choice for universities and schools alike.

Smooth Delivery of High-Quality Videos

The staff at Inha University had some unpleasant experiences with wireless presentation system before. They were frequently bugged by certain issues, such as signal discontinuation and poor images. Therefore, they were initially reluctant to try another wireless projector product. Nevertheless, it proves that WiPG-1000 does not let them down.

Despite its wireless nature, WiPG-1000 boasts smooth delivery of presentations in the form of videos. To elaborate more on this, WiPG-1000 supports videos at up to 1080p/30fps.

Maximizing the Potential of BYOD

Driven by the popularity of mobile devices, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon is growing rapidly not only in workplaces but also in schools, universities and educational institutes. This is a good example how technology can advance education by promoting interactions and facilitating diversity.

As a wireless presentation system that is compatible with all the major platforms (Windows, OS X, iOS, Android), WiPG-1000 serves as a catalyst to intensify the BYOD mania. We believe that the BYOD trend, along with the increasing prevalence of e-books, will make the learning environment all the more eco-friendly!


Barco solution
  • wePresent WiPG-1000
Why Barco? 
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Smooth delivery of high-quality videos
  • Ease of use

WiPG-1000 differentiates itself from competitors in terms of reliability and functionality.

Mr. Joon-Ho Jung
Employee of the Purchasing Department Inha University