Established in Taichung in 1980, China Medical University Hospital has risen to become one of the foremost medical universities in Taiwan. Director of Radiology, Chen Yung-Fang, purchased the first Barco 6 MP display for the radiology department in 2011. He was so impressed with its detailed image quality and smart features that all displays in the radiology department have been upgraded to Barco 6 MP and 3 MP units in recent years, with the latest purchase taking place early in 2018. An added bonus is the reliability of Barco displays and the ease of maintenance, if services are actually required. The radiology department now operates with state-of-the-art technology—in prime condition—at all times.

The Barco displays offer outstanding image quality. They’re loaded with features that make them the most efficient screens in radiology.

Chen Yung-Fang
Director of Radiology at China Medical University Hospital

As the first academic institution in the country to offer an approach to medical education that combines the best of both Western and Chinese medical practices, China Medical University Hospital is a unique establishment. To offer the most accurate and reliable diagnostic services, CMU requires the best technology available. Barco is delighted to supply the solutions they need. Many radiologists at the hospital tried and tested the Barco 6 MP display and unanimously agreed that the quality is second to none.

Radiology made easy with top-quality medical displays

The radiology department used to rely on black-and-white 3 MP and 2 MP full-color medical displays. Upgrades to the medical displays began in 2011 when Director Chen purchased the first Barco 6 MP display. He was so impressed, that since then, the department has upgraded all displays to Barco  6 MP and 3 MP units.

The Barco displays are full of clever technology that allow better results for less work. High brightness and excellent contrast levels make it easy to see even the most subtle details that are essential for accurate diagnoses; DimView automatically manages these levels. However, with SpotView, radiologists are able to focus on specific areas of an image. It boosts the brightness of the focus point, dimming it on the areas around, increasing the clarity and detail. All the Barco displays connect to Barco’s cloud-based solution MediCal QAWeb for automated quality assurance and calibration.

Barco solutions offer a clear path to a bright future

“We rely on the Taiwanese distributor, TBMS, for their excellent knowledge of Barco solutions and outstanding customer service,” says Director Chen. “The after-sales service they provide has exceeded all expectations.

However, Director Chen has had little cause to rely on this extra level of service—there were no problems over the first five years that the Barco’s 6 MP displays were in place. Initially impressed that Barco confidently offered a five-year warranty on its products, he’s now seen that the lifespan of Barco medical displays is usually much longer than five years.

The new displays have not just delighted the radiologists: doctors from other sections of the hospital regularly come into the radiology department to use the superior quality screens. This has inspired Director Chen: “We hope to upgrade all medical displays to Barco, the high resolution and integrated smart features allow us to care for our patients with greater speed and precision than ever before.”


Barco Solution

  • 4 x Coronis Fusion 6 MP LED (MDCC-6430)
  • 28 x Nio Color 3 MP (MDNC-3421)

Why Barco ?

  • High resolution and outstanding image quality
  • Unique image-enhancing features
  • Smart productivity tools

The image clarity and productivity tools make Barco medical displays the best. All doctors should try one out for themselves.

Chen Yung-Fang
Director of Radiology at China Medical University Hospital