The RSPI Bintaro Jaya hospital is proud for being innovative. Patients see signs of their forward-thinking approaches wherever they look, whether it’s the eye-catching architecture of the buildings, the advanced medical technology in the different departments or the paperless digital working methods. This is especially the case in the Radiology department where a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) ensures doctors are able call up pictures with just a few clicks of a mouse. Although the radiologists realized there was a problem when this system went online: the hardware on which they displayed these images was simply not of a good enough quality.

The Barco Nio 5MP offers a clarity and accuracy that helps me to diagnose more quickly.

Dr. Felly Sahli, Sp.Rad
Radiology department, RSPI Bintaro Jaya

The search for an upgrade began with RSPI Bintaro Jaya asking colleagues at other hospitals for recommendations. “Everyone spoke highly of Barco medical diagnostic grade monitors,” explains Dr. Felly Sahli, Sp.Rad. “We decided to visit one of our sister hospitals to watch them in action. The quality was high, the user experience was excellent and our choice was made!”

Clear and bright

RSPI Bintaro Jaya has installed two Barco MDNG-5221 Nio 5MP LED displays. There is no denying the superior presentation. The extremely bright LED backlights ensures different shades of grey are better defined for ultimate accuracy, with the most subtle details standing out like never before. In fact, with the high-performance 3D rendering offered by the Nio 5MP, details literally jump out of the monitors. It works perfectly with SpotView, a tool that highlights a specific area of interest by creating a focal spot in the image.

“I’ve used the Barco Nio 5MP for a year now. In that time, I’ve become especially thankful for the SpotView function,” says Dr. Albert Cendikiawan,Sp.Rad. “It allows me to make more accurate diagnoses more quickly than ever before.”

Energy efficiency

RSPI Bintaro Jaya has discovered other benefits to the Barco Nio 5MP. The LED backlights are especially energy efficient. This means that even when functioning at high brightness, the displays use minimal power, produce less heat and require less cooling than other models. As well as a long lifespan, the lighting requires minimal maintenance and cuts downtime. The monitors are there when they’re needed. And everything is covered by a five-year warranty.


Barco Solution

  • MDNG-5221 Nio 5MP LED displays

Why Barco ?

  • Clear and bright
  • Energy efficientcy
  • High quality