The Radiology department at the RSPI Pondok Indah hospital has been using Barco Nio 2MP Grayscale displays for quite some time. They recently decided it was time for an update to their equipment.

It is evident that Nio 5MP helps faster and more accurate diagnoses.

Dr. Med. Dr. Luqman Adji Saptogino
Sp.Rad. (K), Sp. KN-Radiology department, RSPI Pondok Indah

Excellent service

“I am satisfied with the long-life of the old Barco Nio 2MP Grayscale displays,” says Dr. M. Jauharsyah Hidayat, Sp.Rad., MHKes from the Radiology department. It was the reliability of these Barco monitors that encouraged RSPI Pondok Indah to pay a visit to Barco in their search for more recent technology. They were more than impressed with what they saw, deciding to upgrade to two Barco MDNG-5221 Nio 5MP LED Grayscale displays. “The difference is clear,” says Dr. Med. Dr. Luqman Adji Saptogino, Sp.Rad. (K), Sp. KN, Chief radiology Dept. at the hospital. “When you compare the Barco Nio 2MP with the new Barco Nio 5MP, you immediately see how the newer model makes a faster and more accurate diagnosis possible.”


With 2.5 times as many megapixels, the new displays deliver considerably clearer and more detailed images. The extremely bright LED backlights differentiates between innumerable shades of grey , allowing better defined images. A front sensor also performs image-quality checks to be performed on demand, ensuring correct calibration. It works in collaboration with Barco’s MediCal QAWeb software for automated Quality Assurance, making it easier and faster for users to optimize images.

The Radiology department at RSPI Pondok Indah is so impressed with the Nio 5MP, there is already talk of a third display. “With the Nio 5MP, we are able to diagnose mammography and general X-ray images far more quickly,” says Dr. M. Jauharsyah Hidayat, Sp.Rad., MHKes. “This adds to our performance, our efficiency and our image as a leading hospital. We are very happy we chose Barco.”


Barco Solution

  • Barco MDNG-5221 Nio 5MP LED displays
Why Barco ?
  • Excellent service
  • Clearer and more detailed images
  • Powerful software