With Barco diagnostic-grade medical displays, we are able to see more clearly, which definitely helps us to diagnose more accurately.

Dr. Dian Atmaja
Sp. Rad, Radiologist in R.S. Grha Kedoya

R.S. Grha Kedoya is a private hospital in Jakarta, providing the high-quality services. Radiology services operate around the clock, allowing the best emergency care possible. Radiologists at R.S. Grha Kedoya first learned how Barco technology could improve accuracy in images when they received a test unit of the Nio Color 3MP. After examining the technology for themselves, they ordered the Nio 3MP displays for their radiology department. It resulted in greater clarity, more accurate diagnosis, improved productivity and very satisfied radiologists.

Radiology is a crucial part of accurately diagnosing medical conditions and being able to offer patients the best treatments available, as quickly as possible. Equipment that provides images with the greatest clarity speeds up this process for radiologists, improving their ability to help more patients in less time. This impelled radiologists at the R.S. Grha Kedoya private hospital to contact Barco to upgrade the displays they were relying on.

The future of first-class medical care

Until January 2018, radiologists at R.S. Grha Kedoya were using film imaging for diagnosis. They viewed the images on 27” displays that offered clear – but non-medical-grade – imaging. After upgrading to Barco Nio Color 3MP Medical Displays, they joined the ranks of radiologists all around the world who are now diagnosing more accurately using first-class, diagnostic-grade medical displays thanks to Barco’s premium technology. The result has been quicker, more accurate diagnoses. In turn, they have been able to help larger numbers of patients in shorter periods of time. It has also assisted their transition to PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) technologies, which cuts costs for government healthcare insurance by eliminating film and assists in more accurate digital diagnosis.  

An upgrade in accuracy

The radiologists at R.S. Grha Kendoya couldn’t be more impressed with the upgrade, especially Dr. Dian Atmaja, Sp. Rad: “Previously, we were using 27” displays. It was certainly good to the have something so large. But now with Barco diagnostic-grade medical displays, we are able to see more clearly, which definitely helps us to diagnose more accurately.”

The best medical care available

The Barco Nio Color 3MP Medical Displays are the first Barco displays to be used at R.S Grha Kedoya. Barco medical displays were chosen for their unbeatable quality and it’s a choice that everyone involved is more than happy about. The upgrade has proven to be incredibly popular with the hospital’s radiologists, who are thrilled by how much easier it is for them to accurately help their patients. R.S Grha Kedoya prides itself on offering the highest quality care available in Jakarta and thanks to Barco, their radiology department is now on par with the best in the world.  


Barco Solution

  •  Nio Color 3MP (MDNC-3421)

Why Barco?

  • Increases productivity
  • Greater clarity
  • Assists transition to PACS technology
  • Lowers costs

Barco’s diagnostic-grade technology provides a world-class medical display used by radiologists all around the world.

Dr. Sandy Istanto Yudyanto
Sp. Rad, Radiologist in R.S. Grha Kedoya