A 10th anniversary deserves a big celebration! That’s why performance art collective Arcadia Spectacular organized an amazing festival in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in May 2018 to mark ten years of visual extravaganza. The two-day festival included Arcadia’s dazzling, multi-sense Metamorphosis show – powered by six of our UDX-4K projectors.

We received constant feedback from the whole Arcadia crew on how sharp and defined the projections looked.

George Oakey
Arcadia project manager for CPL
Immersive performance art
Arcadia Spectacular, known as ‘Arcadia’, is a performance art collective that combines elements of sculpture, architecture, recycling, pyrotechnics, lighting, circus and music into large-scale, immersive performance and dance spaces. The company is best known for their 50-ton ‘Spider’ – one of the world’s most iconic festival stages created from recycled industrial waste. Appearing at the famous Glastonbury festival since 2013, the giant, fire-breathing spider was installed in London for the very first time in May 2018 to set the stage for Arcadia’s Metamorphosis Show.

Spinning a web of visual magic

Using the imposing, surreal construction of the Spider as a canvas, Arcadia’s AV partner CPL relied on six brand-new Barco UDX-4K projectors to map precisely aligned images. Colors and textures brought amazing definition to the front and back of the Spider’s legs during the ‘Metamorphosis’ show and many other artistic events that took place during the festival.

Small but mighty
Spectators were wowed by the power and performance of these compact projectors, achieving more intensity with the same amount of equipment as previous years. The Constant Light Output (CLO) functionality of the projectors ensured crystal clear colors, superior brightness and the widest color gamut in the industry.

“There was a noticeable difference in the quality and feel of the projections on this show,” said George Oakey, Arcadia project manager for CPL. The CPL team relied on Barco’s Projector Toolset software suit to easily control the projectors remotely. “We received constant feedback from the whole Arcadia crew on how sharp and defined the projections looked. It was the most impressive Arcadia I’ve worked on to date from a video point of view,” George concludes.

Images courtesy of CPL - photos by Ben Daure | Luke Taylor | Lukonic Photography | ShotAway


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