Tokyo World 2018 brought an explosive line-up of musical powerhouses to Bristol’s Eastville Park on 22–23 September for a thrilling festival of dance, celebration and entertainment. Our partner, CPL, rose to the challenge of rigging the main stages for the event and Barco’s UDX-4K32 projectors meant the lightshow was as awe-inspiring as the performances.

The Vulkano Stage is famously spectacular. Achieving that result is a big task, but thankfully we have the best projectors..

Karl Johnstone
Project Manager at CPL

The Vulkano Stage is the fiery heart of Tokyo World. It’s a rock-mountain masterpiece specially crafted for the event and presides over the festival with fireworks, volcanic eruptions and exquisite projections—made possible by the UDX-4K32 event projectors, fitted with TLD+ lenses, bringing depth, richness and colour.

Three projectors were used to bring the scenic surface of the iconic volcano that defines this one-of-a-kind stage to life with projection mapping. Barco’s UDX-4K32 projectors offer 4K UHD resolution and up to 31,000 lumens of light output, which ensures flawless shows with constant brightness and color. The result was a hypnotic display that radiated around the stars of the show, including headline artists Action Bronson and Sister Sledge.

‘The Vulkano Stage is famously spectacular. Achieving that result is a big task, but thankfully we have the best projectors in the business in our toolkit—Barco UDX-4K32,’ said Karl Johnstone, Project Manager at CPL. ‘It was amazing to see the life and energy of the crowd at Tokyo World pulsating under the mind-blowing projections.’

Barco projectors also illuminated the Mutiny Stage at Tokyo World. A massive, 28-meter-wide by 16-meter-high scenic masterpiece, the Mutiny Stage boasts an urban-building façade that transforms into a glittering metropolis at night with lights and projection mapping. Two Barco UDX-4K32 projectors were positioned on FOH towers to beam the beautifully designed projections onto the stage and create a magical setting. And CPL included a Barco Image Pro-HD in the setup to store all the video content.

Tokyo World is a festival renowned for elegant extravagance and is an action-filled celebration of live music. Barco is honored to have been a part of creating this magical experience. Projections add a unique and impressive edge to any event—and with Barco’s UDX-4K32 projectors, there’s no limit to the amazing displays that can be created.


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  • UDX-4K32

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