From monitoring to insights to optimizing the workspace – Barco products are a holistic solution for our challenges.

William Corfe,
Information Technology Support Officer, Hillbrook Anglican School

Technology, no doubt, is transforming the way of education. To make their institute more self-sufficient, Hillbrook Anglican School, Australia partnered with Barco to make their classrooms more connected and interactive.

William Corfe, IT Support Officer, Hillbrook learnt about Barco Overture and wePresent at EduTech, 2 years ago and was amazed by the product features. He wanted to integrate an IT control solution for the school and Barco Overture catered to the need perfectly. Our solutions are designed to enable the school’s IT team to monitor all AV/IT facilities in the classrooms together with administration department of school. Manual management of projectors would be transformed with Overture, enabling IT to oversee and manage all the facilities across 5 buildings at Hillbrook.

Hillbrook chose wePresent with an aim to optimize teaching and learning experience. Moreover, management of the products is completely seamless, as their IT team was well equipped to understand the language of the solution.

The installation was completed by Barco’s partner, Audio Visual Distributors (AVD). The AVD support team played a vital role in ensuring project success by closely coordinating with the integrator Video Pro QLD to execute the entire plan.

Presenting interactive learning experiences

Hillbrook employed 20 x wePresent 1600W and 28 Overture Licenses for 28 classrooms in their new building. Barco wePresent will enable the educators to share content with the students from any device. This makes interactions and collaborations more seamless. Deploying Overture, the institute will be able to manage all A/V devices using its normal network infrastructure.

The new school building will open in May 2020. Hillbrook is now looking forward to welcoming the students back and leveraging Barco solutions to accelerate its education processes.

At Barco, we strive to transform learning experiences to design a promising future.


Barco Solutions:

  • wePresent 1600W
  • Overture 


  • Connected classrooms
  • Easy class presentations
  • Seamless IT management

Facilitated by Barco solutions, our new building is ready before time to ensure the best education standards for our students.

William Corfe
Information Technology Support Officer, Hillbrook Anglican School