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Jun 23, 2022

Hybrid classrooms for a hybrid future: the 4 pillars of successful deployment

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Hybrid classrooms can be part of your strategy to transform your organization for a hybrid working world as versatile, highly-engaging platforms that will engage your employees into premium workplace experiences regardless of their location.

Once you have realized their added value and have decided to acquire such technology, there are key things you should know for guaranteed success when adopting and installing one.

Keep reading to discover the basics of hybrid classroom deployment. Or find out everything you need to know about hybrid classrooms in our free, brand-new, 21-page e-book.

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Hybrid classrooms are purpose-built solutions reuniting onsite and remote participants in the same live session in a unified, engaging, human-centered, and equitable experience. 

They can be part of your hybrid work strategy as multi-purpose, highly-engaging, human-centered platforms and it´s clear that in the hybrid workplace, you and your organization will benefit from tech-enabled but efficient platforms to ensure successful training, engagement and onboarding for your workforce.  

Hybrid classrooms will contribute to an enhanced employee experience and advantages including: a great hybrid work environment, data-driven results in your training strategy, flexible and interactive learning experiences for your workforces.

Going hybrid is a major decision that must be thought through. Regardless of the specifics of your company, there are four main pillars to always keep in mind during the adoption process. 

The 4 pillars of successful hybrid classroom deployment

What do you need to know next about hybrid classrooms? 

In our previous article, you found out what a hybrid classroom is, the advantages they bring to an organization, the setup possibilities, and the challenges a hybrid model can bring. Now you discovered the four key things to keep in mind at all times in the hybrid classroom deployment process. This is what you need to know further: 

  • The must-haves in terms of audio and video equipment
  • How to integrate software and hardware together for your perfect hybrid classroom 
  • Practical tips and tricks for running successful sessions from industry experts 
  • Real-life case studies about organizations using hybrid classrooms successfully