For over 80 years now, innovation and technology have been the cornerstone of Barco. We focus on a wide-range of display technology, high-end and mid-segment projection models, connectivity platforms which are software enabled, including networking and cloud-based capibilities, and image processing tools. 

To turn this into best-in class products for our customers, we rely on a team of software, mechanical, electronics and optical engineers. Some of them active in research & development, others are working in the field of manufacturing & industrialization. Your expertise as an engineer can however also bring value in the domain of quality, procurement, customer service, project management, ...

Let's hear it from our engineers


"Within New Product Introduction (NPI), we constantly create new ideas for our products for which we have to align with many different divisions. Solving problems is a main characteristic of my job. The fun part about my job is that you never know how your day will end in this busy and fast changing world."

Riitta, NPI Project Manager, Entertainment.


"In the production engineering & industrialisation team we are working on the factory of the future! We collaborate closely with R&D on the manufacturability & usability of our products. We work on technical solutions to build, test & deliver our Barco products under perfect circumstances! Our team has expertise in test development, PCBA, electronics, mechanics, software, ... and with all those expertises together we succeed in delivering state of the art process technology in our factories" 

Kobe, Manager Production Engineering & Industrialisation, Operations.


"We develop LED displays with increasingly higher resolution, and our panels our thinner, weigh less, and are more energy efficient than before. Clients are becoming more demanding each day, so we need to take innovation to the next level! It really comes down to a tenth of a millimeter in the LED business! As a design engineer, you have to have a critical & open mind in order to create a product that keeps the right balance between production and assembly limitations, reliability and customer needs. But I love a good challenge, so this job is right up my alley!"  

Greet, Development engineer Mechanics.

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