International context

Every year, Barco Belgium welcomes numerous internship and thesis students from all over the world. We will offer you a fantastic internship time where you are part of a multidisciplinary team with an international scope. You will get in contact with suppliers, customers & colleagues from all over the world! 


During your entire internship you will be guided by an enthusiastic mentor. Read our testimonials from former interns below to find out about their experience at Barco.


Interns fun

Except for the fact that working in a high-tech HQ is inspiring and instructive, we provide several fun elements and activities for you to find a good balance between hard work and relaxation! 

Curious how our interns experience their internship at Barco?

"My name is Bram. I’m an electrical engineering student at the University of Ghent and I’ve done an 8 week internship at the “clickshare” department of Barco. To be honest, I was quite nervous to start, but that feeling disappeared the moment I started to work. The colleagues were kind, the work was fun and the hours were flexible. Those 8 weeks flew by and at the end I created something that could possibly be used in future products. To summarize, I would re-apply again without hesitation."

"My name is Sofie and I’ve done a 3 month internship at the Recruitment & Staffing department at Barco One Campus Kortrijk. What I like most about Barco’s One Campus is the light in the building and the many open work spaces. This enables you to openly interact with colleagues and make new connections. During my internship I have worked with many enthusiastic professionals and learnt a lot of new skills. As an intern I needed to work proactively and independently on various projects which encouraged my entrepreneurial spirit.  At Barco I felt immediately part of the team and I got numerous opportunities to expand my knowledge."

Blanca (Strategic Project Design Researcher)

"Hi, my name is Blanca and I got to know Barco thanks to a project at the Delf University of Technology. Having worked closely to leadership in Barco during my thesis has been very inspiring. People start to challenge the status quo and ask to do things differently in regards to innovation. It also felt great to apply my strategic design skills and spread customer centricity in the organization."

Bram (Development Engineer Software)

“During my studies Electronics-ICT I came in contact with Barco, an ambitious and innovative company. After doing my internship for 3 months I got the chance to complete my project during the summer. Right before my graduation I was contacted again by Barco with a vacancy. Thanks to my internship, I already knew the company very well and knew the atmosphere was nice. It didn’t took me long to take the job and I still don’t regret it to this day.”