We care about our people



A lot of energy boosting activities are taking place at Barco to create a healthy and safe work environment. Sport events, bicycle days, inspirational keynotes on healthy food or coaching sessions on the importance of a good night sleep are just a few of many activities intended to keep mind & body in balance.



One Barco, one team. We are all Barconians! As part of the same team, we encourage our employees to ask questions, give feedback, share ideas and get truly involved in the company! B-engaged is also visible in our CEO's blog, the self-steering teams in our Operations department, the numerous teambuilding moments & info sharing sessions,...



We develop, coach & therefore inspire our employees through several dedicated training programs. Our very own Barco University is the driver of lifelong learning at Barco. With over 600 courses we have inspired more than 13000 participants (in 2016). By promoting internal mobility and with the help of some career coaches, we also offer career development opportunities to our employees.

Let's hear it from our employees

Carla, engineer, Procurement

Barconian since 2016

It’s the first job where I get the chance to be creative and execute my own proposals with full support from my boss. He always has my back. On the other hand, Barco is a world class company that makes cutting edge technology. It’s difficult not to take pride when people make a good comment about our products. We really are one of the best in the market!

Life at Barco is Bonkers, Amazing, Reliable, Creative, Overjoyed!

Piet, team lead, Operations

Barconian since 1993

Barco gives us a lot of opportunities to develop ourselves and offers great training opportunities. Young, old, male, female, highly educated or not, everyone has his spot & works together as one team, across functions & across cultures. That makes us truly a global company!

Favorite Barco event: New year's party!

Michael, product manager, Enterprise

Barconian since 2015

If you want to join a company that has technology, innovation and engineering at its core, but is in continuous flux and thriving talent to the best, then you’ll find your spot here at Barco. With the new One Campus Barco shows its ambition to be a leader in the market and to let young people work together for better outcomes. Life at Barco is different every day!  

Nathalie, executive assistant, Technology office 

Barconian since 2001

Working in the technology office is very fascinating. You're always on the first row when it comes to the newest research findings, the latest demo's,... I work in a small team, which gives the opportunity to easily interact with one another and it also fosters mutual solidarity. That's why "I care about my colleagues" is my favorite Barco Value.

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