Into today’s digital world, Barco has gradually been transforming into a company that combines hardware with software and services. By doing this, we make our products more reliable and are shaping our offering to enable truly bright outcomes. Your expertise in software can bring value within the whole range of our company.

To turn this into best-in class software products for our customers, we rely on a team of software engineers. Some of them active in research & development, others are working in the field of manufacturing & industrialization. Your expertise as a software engineer can however also bring value in the domain of quality, procurement, customer service, project management, ...

Let's hear it from our software engineers


"In Connected Media, we are developing an avant-garde software platform to distribute real-time media & data between on-premise as well as cloud connected end-points. It allows us to bring new insights to our customers, simplify their workflow and make it more efficient & future proof. In that way, our software really has an impact on people's lives and helps them make a difference in the digital world of today!"

Gino, R&D Manager, Enterprise.


"As a Senior Software Engineer on the ClickShare team, I face many challenges every day. By trying on new solutions and checking the technical possibilities, you get to make the product even better and more user friendly. This makes the job really rewarding by getting to show your family and friends what you have been working on."

Melanie, Senior Software Engineer, Enterprise.

software scrum1

"Our development team faces the every-day challenge of creating great experiences for our customers. In order to achieve this in a fun and effective way, we adopt the agile scrum methodology. This allows us to organize ourselves, get fast feedback and create the best value for our customers by working with them instead of just for them." 

Ingrid, Scrum Master, Enterprise.

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